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Modern pharma manufacturing site in Northeast United States providing
high quality solid dose OTC, Rx and Dietary Supplements manufacturing and development

Specializing in private label solutions. Delivering quality, operational, and supply chain excellence

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Solid Dose Manufacturing

  • 38,200 Sq Ft

  • Experts in large batch manufacturing

  • Product Development & Tech-transfers

  • In-house Lab testing and stability

  • Manufacturing capabilities

    • Granulation
    • Direct Blending
    • Tablet Compression
    • Tablet Coating

Solid Dose Manufacturing

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Solid Dose Packaging

  • 48,000 Sq Ft

  • Primary and Secondary OTC, Rx & Dietary Supplements

  • Product Serialization Capabilities

  • Small- to mid-size runs

  • Packaging capabilities

    • Bottle packaging lines
    • Blister packaging lines
    • Kitting assembly

Solid Dose Packaging

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Why Choose Us

  • High Quality Rx, OTC Compliant

    High Quality Rx, OTC Compliant

    We continually invest in our quality systems, processes and services to provide our clients with a safe, high quality product. The facilities comply with CFR 111, 210 & 211 standards and apply the same approach to Dietary Supplements.

  • Full-cycle Manufacturing and Packaging

    Full-cycle Manufacturing and Packaging

    We use our expertise to support our clients in R&D, methods development, sourcing, manufacturing and finished product packaging.

  • CPO division providing packaging services

    CPO division providing packaging services

    Ameripharma’s CPO division provides blister and bottle packaging services, bundling and kitting capabilities. Our extensive experience in both DS and OTC / Rx space makes us a reliable partner capable to provide flexible packaging solutions for our clients.

  • Small to Medium Runs of Tailored Products

    Small to Medium Runs of Tailored Products

    We focus on small to mid-size clients who seek a well organized, quality-driven outsource organization. With our expertise we support our clients in development of tailor-made products, regulatory assistance, stability, lab testing, raw material procurement, and more.

  • Unique expert in High Quality, OTC Compliant Joint Care Products

    Unique expert in High Quality, OTC Compliant Joint Care Products

    We have over 20-years of expertise in the development, manufacturing, and delivering to consumers of high-quality OTC Joint Care products in various strengths and unique formulations that are compliant with 211 manufacturing standards.


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About us

Unipharm Group

Ameripharma is part of the international U.S. based UNIPHARM Group. Throughout its history UNIPHARM has become an industry expert in the pharmaceutical market.

  • 2024

    UNIPHARM Group founded

  • 0

    Countries of International Presence

  • >0

    Employees Worldwide

  • $0 MM

    Total investments in Manufacturing


Features of the company

  • Successful Experience

    Our medications, to include OTC, Dietary Supplements and healthcare products have gained worldwide client trust.

  • Team

    Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals creates each product with love, care and responsibility for customers.

  • Scientific Method

    We work with pharmaceutical and medical societies, utilizing the latest scientific research, clinical trials and studies.


Credibility and compliance

We work in accordance with US FDA Quality standards. Our facilities are registered with the FDA and have successfully passed NSF and multiple external customer quality audits. We welcome scheduled on-site visits and QA audits. We are a reliable quality driven production partner.


  • NJ Drug
  • FDA Food Facility
  • NJ Food
  • NSF Certified
  • Ru GMP OTC
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  • CT Drug
  • FDA Food Facility
  • CT Food
  • NSF Certified
  • Ru GMP OTC
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Quality Systems

Our Quality Systems are targeted to ensure the highest quality and safety of the products we manufacture and package.

  • CAPA Program
  • Change Management System
  • Personnel Training Program
  • Supplier Qualification Program
  • Validation Program (Facilities, Environment, Equipment, Process, Cleaning)
  • Documentation Control System
  • In-process inspections by dedicated QA/QC personnel


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Solid Dose Manufacturing

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Ameripharma specializes in full-cycle solid dose manufacturing including granulation, pre-mixing, compression and coating

  • 115 Cu. Ft Double Cone Blender
  • Glatt Granulator and FBD
  • Cadmach Double sided 45 station tablet press with Vacuum transfer system
  • Kikusui Gemini Double sided 55 station tabletpress
  • 60’’ LB Bohle Coating systems
  • 48’’ Accella Coating systems
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Facility Equipment

Facility Equipment

  • Donaldson Torit Dust collectors for coaters and manufacturing area
  • Thomas Engineering AHUs for Accella Coating systems
  • MiTek, Trane AHUs for Manufacturing and Warehouse buildings
  • Ingersoll-Rand air compressor
  • RBI and Superior Boilers
  • York Chillers
  • Nalco Purified water system
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QC Lab

QC Lab

Ameripharma QC Lab has state-of-the-art laboratories and a team of scientists which holds significant expertise in developing complex formulations in various dosage forms including tablets, capsules, powders

Our analytical development laboratories allow us to perform a range of processes including HPLC, bioanalytical analysis, physical and chemical testing, stability testing (ACC, Intermediate and CRT), assay development, clinical trials, raw material testing services (DT), etc

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Solid Dose Packaging

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Bottle line

Bottle line

  • Short and Long run bottle filling with Slat and Optical Counters:

    • Slat Counters
    • Optical Counters
    • Integrated 100% check weighing
    • 30cc – 950cc Bottles
    • 28mm – 53mm Caps
  • Serialization capabilities:
    Unit Level to Full Aggregation

  • HDPE, PET, and Glass Bottle Filling Capabilities

  • Full Reverse Tuck and Fifth Panel bottle carton capabilities

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Blister line

Blister line

  • Automated Blister Packaging Machine

    • Thermoform — PVC, PVdC, Aclar, Triplex
    • Coldform Capabilities
    • Hospital Unit Dose
    • Vision Inspection (Print and Product)
  • Full Automated Blister Cartoner Machine

  • X-Ray Inspection for Contaminants

  • Carton Serialization W/ Aggregation

  • Non-Destructive Leak Testing

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Facility details

Facility details

  • Fully cGMP Compliant Packaging Facility

    • Facility Wide Desiccated Compressed Dry Air
    • Anti-microbial Copper piping throughout
    • Full Facility HVAC control & monitoring to USP CRT Requirements
    • USP Purified Water
    • Isolation rooms for Shipping/Receiving & Gen Warehousing
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We work with Leaders in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Ameripharma Labs LLC

Solid Dose Manufacturing

71 Veronica Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08873
United States



Solid Dose Packaging

75 Progress Lane
Waterbury, CT 06705
United States




Empire State Building
350 5th Ave Suite 6701
New York, NY 10118 United States

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